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                                            MONTY PYTHON’S  SPAMALOT

                                           OPENS AT THE CREST THEATRE

                                       AT OLD SCHOOL SQUARE IN DELRAY

          The Award -winning musical is “lovingly ripped off” from the 1975 film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail , with a book by Python Eric Idle, and a score by Idle and John Du Prez.

          Like the film, Spamalot is a totally irreverent and typically Pythonesque Parody of the Arthurian saga.

         The legendary King Arthur, accompanied by his faithful servant,

Patsy, travels through his kingdom, collecting members for his Knights of the Round Table. Some of his recruits include Sir Robin, a collector of plague victims, and Lance, a large, handsome, and incredibly violent man, who agrees to join him; Lance 'for the fighting', and Robin 'for the singing and dancing'.  

         The Lady of the Lake, Sir Bedevere and Sir Dennis Galahad eventually join Arthur in his search for The Holy Grail. The show also features a bevy of beautiful girls, in addition to cows, killer rabbits, and French people. The entire show raises silliness to an art form.

        Monty Python’s Spamalot will run for 12 performances, from June 20th to 30th at the Crest Theatre located at 51 North Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach. Tickets are now on sale, online, at oldschoolsquare.org or by calling 561-243-7922, for additional information and performance times.  Tickets are $35 to $45;  $25 for groups of 10 or more. $15 for students with a valid  ID.


                                    “THE LIGHTNING THIEF” MUSICAL

                                              ABOUT A 12 YEAR OLD BOY

                                            OPENS AT BROWARD CENTER

          Meet Percy Jackson. He is twelve years old, and he decides to tell us the story of his past year. On the first day of summer, just after his sixth -grade year, Percy discovers that something is wrong with him. Or rather, something is right with him. He learns that he is a half-blood : half-human, half-god. He is taken to Camp Half-Blood in New York, a camp for kids just like him that is safe from monsters that like to  attack half-bloods.

          At camp, Percy learns more information about himself; his father is Poseidon,  god of the sea and brother to Zeus and Hades. When Zeus’s master bolt (the thing that allows him to create lightning whenever he wants) is stolen, Poseidon is blamed for the theft. Zeus tells Poseidon that the master bolt must be returned to Mount Olympus by the summer solstice, or else he will declare war on Poseidon which causes a rift between he and his brother, Zeus, to think his brother would ever even accuse him of such a thing.

          Find out what takes place on the last day of camp when Percy is lured into the woods by his friend Luke and what happens to Percy almost causing his death.

         This intriguing musical  play will hold audiences spellbound from June 25-30, 2019 in the Au-Rene Theatre at Broward Center. Tickets are $55 to $85 plus, at the box office located at 201 S.W. Fifth Avenue or Ticketmaster. For other information and showtimes call 954-462-0222.  Visit online at www.broward center.com.




          Wisin & Yandel are a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo, consisting of Juan Luis Morera Luna (Wisin) and Llandel Veguilla Malavé. They started their  career in 1998 and have been together since, winning several awards during that time. Their biggest hits are “Rakata,” "Llamé  Pa' Verte," "Pam Pam," and many others.

         Wisin and Yandel have collaborated with internationally known artists such as R. Kelly on “Burn It Up,” Paris Hilton, on her debut single “Stars Are Blind,” as well as with Enrique Iglesias on “No Me Digas Que No,” and ‘Gracias a Ti,” Gloria Estefan on “No Llores," T-Pain on “Imaginate,” “No Dejemos Que De Apague," in a remix for “Reverse Cowgirl,” along with Jennifer Lopez on “Follow the Leader," and too many more to mention.

          Wisin and  Yandel took part in the 2008 edition of New York City’s Puerto Rican Day. In the event, they received a warm reception. Wisin and Yandel won four awards in the 2008 ceremony. Tickets are $49 to $250,  now on sale at Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 for their performance at the American Airlines Arena on June 21, 2019 at 8 p.m. For additional information call the box office at 786-777-1000 located at 601 Biscayne Blvd.


                                    “A BRONX TALE THE MUSICAL

                                 CO-DIRECTED BY ROBERT DE NIRO

                              NOW ON STAGE  AT BROWARD CENTER

          A Bronx Tale is a one-man show that tells stories about the young life of 9-year-old-Calogero Anello. Calogero grows up in the Bronx in the 1960's and is torn between the values of his working-class father and the mob boss, who treats him like a son.

          The actor portrays 18 different characters from his childhood, including his younger self and his father. The play is actor Chazz Palminteri’s  semi-autobiographical view of the changing world of the 60's in Italian -American New York City.

         As he grows into a teenager on the streets of the Bronx in the socially turbulent 1960's, Calogero (Lillo Brancato) gets taken under the wing of neighborhood mobster Sonny (Chazz Palminteri). Sonny initiates the boy into the ways of gangland life, in direct conflict with his straight-arrow bus driver father.

         But when Calogero falls for his African-American classmate, Jane (Taral Hicks), the repercussions threaten the entire neighborhood. There are some wonderful scenes, strong dialogue and enough action to balance out the story and make this musical most enjoyable for everyone.

         A Bronx Tale is the kind of story that will make you laugh and cry. Now on stage at the Broward Center’s Au-Renee Theatre  through June 23, 2019. Tickets ranging from $40 to $110 plus, are now on sale at Ticketmaster or the Center’s box office, located at 201 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale.  For more information regarding show times call 954-462-0222. Purchase tickets online at browardcenter.org.

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